They Adopted 5!

A friend linked an article on Facebook today about a Missouri family that adopted five Peruvian siblings who were orphans. Here’s the family (including their two biological children):

Yeah, that’s commitment. Kinda feel bad now that I wrote that last post about fostering being hard. We have five total — they ADOPTED five. Whoa.

Funniest quote from the story that shows you just how good we actually have it (this is what the kids were worried about before the family moved to a bigger house):

“Their biggest thing is, do we get to take the carpet? It’s amazing the things they’ve been drawn to that are different for them – it’s carpet and TVs. Do we get to take the TVs and the carpet?”

Reminds me of the first couple of days we had our girls. They lived in junky motels with their parents, so when we took them in the backyard, you could see a look of wonder on their faces as they pointed at trees and rubbed grass between their fingers. They had literally never been that close to nature before.

You never know what you’re gonna learn when new kids come into the house …

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