Glasses and Grace

Sometimes you can have everything prepared perfectly – clothes picked out, lunches packed, backpacks ready – and the morning is going well and then in a split second, one tiny detail you overlooked rears its head and the morning is headed off the rails. In this case, we couldn’t find one child’s glasses that she needed for school. Looking everywhere, knowing the clock is ticking and she’s gonna be late and you’re gonna be late to work and you’re getting hot and frustrated and ALL YOU NEED IS THE GLASSES SO WHERE ARE THEY AND WHY CAN’T YOU KEEP UP WITH THEM DEAR SWEET CHILD AT WHOM I AM NOT AT ALL MAD?!?! And then another kid thinks like a kid and finds them in the toy mailbox by her bed and you make it to school and work and all is well.

I’m glad our salvation doesn’t depend on getting every detail right. We would mess it up, every time. We would think we had everything covered and that one pesky sin would pop up and we’d be done. We would live in anxiety and fear, always wondering what we had missed and what more we should be doing. We could never rest.

Instead, we have salvation by grace through faith, full and free and sweet. What a gift. Our lives are covered with Christ’s blood, and even when new sin surprises us – or old sin frustrates us – we can rest in God’s past, present and future grace given without cost to his undeserving children. We don’t have to frantically scramble to meet a performance standard. We simply repent and believe, and God’s inexhaustible grace is there, as often as we need it, day after day, a treasure trove of mercy.

“In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his grace, which he lavished upon us …”

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