Everyday Christmas: Intro

So another Christmas season is upon us. The Christmas machine seemed to crank up earlier than ever this year – Christmas decorations, movies, trees and ads started bombarding us before the leaves even changed color.

It’s all so … much. If you sense some weariness in those words, you’re right. The Christmas industry gets bigger and broader with every passing year, and every year it becomes harder and harder to focus on what the Advent (or “coming”) of Jesus really means.

God became man. So much significance lies behind those three words. And yet the meaning often gets obscured with present lists and parties and decorations and hustle hustle hustle.

To combat this, we try to think about Christ’s birth with Advent calendars and books and devotionals, and there are many wonderful versions available. Carving out the time every day to stop for a few minutes and turn our family’s minds toward the meaning behind the craziness is doable but difficult, and many of us probably fail more than we succeed.

So here’s another attempt with a slightly different take.

Everyday Christmas is a series of 25 meditations designed to connect the everyday happenings of our lives to the coming of Christ to Earth as a baby. The plan is to start on December 1 and post one entry each day until Christmas, but don’t just read each piece and then go on your merry way until you see the next link the next day – start making the connections in your own life.

Maybe you read these pieces to your family, or maybe they’re just a starting point to talk about the events of your day with your kids and help them draw a line to why Christ came. The Advent season isn’t about taking separate time every day to think about Jesus – it’s about realizing that all of your life should point to him because in Him we live and move and have our being.

Deuteronomy 6 says we should speak of these truths in every situation with our kids. I don’t do a good job of this, and I need reminders to do better, so this is for me more than anyone.

So when you open that beautiful Christmas card or when you can’t seem to get your own Christmas card together, when you find the perfect present or when nothing is working out, when you have to be four places at once or when you didn’t get invited, when everything feels like a Hallmark movie or when nothing goes right, when the chaos overwhelms you or when the chaos fades and you’re looking across a dinner table at the ones you love the most – remember, these are all signposts showing the way to a greater reality.

Christmas is here, but it’s not just for December. Jesus was born as a baby so he could grow to be a man who would die on a cross, making atonement for our sins before rising again to defeat death once and for all. We need that story – (it’s true, by the way) – every day of our lives.

We’ll start on December 1 – see you then.

Everyday Christmas is a series of Advent meditations designed to connect the everyday happenings of our lives to the coming of Christ to Earth as a baby. Find links to the entire series here.