Everyday Christmas #20: Your Name

Matthew 1 is basically just a list of names, some of which are … different. Not sure what Amminadab and Zerubbabel’s parents were thinking, but hey, they do kind of roll off the tongue.

The genealogy lists every generation from Abraham to Christ – 42 in all – showing exactly how God’s promise to Abraham came true, that from his line all the families of the world would be blessed by the coming of Jesus. Many of the names you have heard of, while many don’t make much of an appearance anywhere else. Zadok and Matthan and Eliud, anyone?

Your name will be in a genealogy list one day. Your great-great-great grandkids will be doing a school project and they’ll list your parents and you and your kids and then move on. They may comment on you – why your parents chose that name and what they might know you for – or they may not.

The point is not to urge you to do big things with your life. Some on this list did in fact do big things, but many also just lived their quiet, ordinary lives of faithfulness. No matter their role, they were all part of something much bigger than their own stories. They were pieces of the story of redemption, a story God had written before the beginning of time, and they played their roles and passed on their family name and traditions and covenant with their God, whether their name was David or Azor.

Your everyday faithfulness may not be seen by millions, but it’s seen by your family and your community, and it’s seen by God, who has numbered each one of our days and holds each one of us in the palm of his hand.

More on genealogies tomorrow.

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