Everyday Christmas #22: 365

I walked the dog this morning (again) right after I rolled out of bed. I hadn’t taken the time to put my contacts in, so I was wearing my glasses.

At one point, I slid them off for some reason and everything immediately became blurry. My eyesight is pretty bad, so I can’t see a thing without corrective lenses. As soon as I put the glasses back on, everything came right back into focus.

The lenses made all the difference in how I saw the exact same landscape.

So, do we see Christmas through the lens of the world or do we see the world through the lens of Christmas?

Your lenses make all the difference.

If you’re looking at Christmas as the world does, your focus will be the presents and shopping and parties and the giving that comes from your own goodwill. December can easily exhaust all of those things, so when Christmas is over, it’s over until next year, when the machine cranks back up again.

But if you are looking at Christmas as a time when the presents and celebrations are merely an overflow of the joy and peace that have invaded your soul because Jesus’ birth means you could be right with God, well, then your perspective is different.

Christmas is not just for December because it’s not the day itself that’s important. What matters is what Christmas represents: a sovereign God setting into motion his rescue plan for sinners who were headed straight for death.

That’s something worth celebrating 365 days a year.

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