Everyday Christmas #7: Good Gifts

Like most of you, we’re in the midst of Christmas shopping right now. (If you have already finished your shopping, you can stop reading right now because you are clearly more advanced than the rest of us and have probably already finished your advent readings too.)

Figuring out gifts for six kids is not easy. We probably put too much pressure on ourselves to get the perfect gifts. We try to value experiences over material gifts, but still – you know your kids want to open fun stuff and you want to give them good gifts, so being the thoughtful parents that we are, we stress about it.

But when you get it right, it’s wonderful. You love to give your kids gifts they delight in, gifts they really wanted but didn’t know were coming, gifts that bring smiles and laughter and happy tears. It warms your heart and brings pleasure and joy when something turns out that way.

Now think about how God feels knowing that he gave us a gift in Jesus far beyond anything we could have dreamed. I know he planned to give us his Son, and I know he delights in giving us good gifts, but I never thought about it in quite this way before.

We get excited when our kids get excited with their presents. Now imagine God watching his children as we walk with Jesus. Imagine his delight in our delight.

The analogy breaks down at some point, as most analogies do, but the point remains – God is our Father, and every good and perfect gift comes from him. He loves to bless us just as we love to bless our kids.

Think on that truth today. The God who created the universe, who holds oceans in the palm of his hands, who inscribed circles on the face of the deep, this God is pleased to give you his own Son. He delights to do so – Merry Christmas, indeed.

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