We’re all living ThisParentLife, those of us who have kids. It’s a long journey and we don’t always get immediate gratification for our efforts. But as we wait for our brilliant parenting skills to produce those well-rounded, happy, talented kids (they’re out there somewhere, right?), there is fun and happiness mixed with frustration and reality. We’ve gotta take the long view — but we can do it one day at a time.

My name is Benjamin Hoak. My wife Kelsey and I live in Kentucky with our six kids. They’re 12 and under. We had three biological boys and then adopted two sisters through state foster care and then came a biological girl – surprise! – at the end.

A few other things that might find their way into the blog at some point. I’m a follower of Jesus and believe his Gospel is the power of God for salvation. I go to church here. In my day job, I do marketing and communications. I love sports and cheer for the Kentucky Wildcats and the Cleveland Indians (I know, I know). Love to read. Love the outdoors. Fascinated by how the world works. We mostly try to keep up with all these kids.

Check out my intro post for more. You can reach me on the Contact page or email me at benhoak-AT-gmail-DOT-com. You can follow me on Twitter here.

Life is exciting and busy and exhausting and exhilarating all at once. We might be frazzled, but we’re here. Let’s go!

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